Hi, my name is Cris a regular traveller as you are since visiting my blog. I have travelled to many countries around the world as you too. But now settled in The Province of Rome which is a matching frame for the many treasures of the Capital, and the surrounding area has, more or less directly, experienced the influence of the history of the Eternal City. Italy offers as per its peninsula shape everything from the sea, lake and nature to good food, vineyards and lovely villages rich in history and art.


Tired of marble and museums?
Is there a local experience near Rome?
Do I need a lot of money to travel outside Rome?
I want to see nature around Rome but don’t know where to go?
Is Rome only art and museums or can we also go for a sporty or EXPLORING day?
Here to assist you. After two years of hosting and helping lots of travellers answer those questions and get to know more of the usual to travel more with proven tips and advice in central Italy. This way, you can spend searching the internet being overwhelmed with information and more time doing the thing you want to do: what else is there to see other than museums

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